We’ve seen ombre, balayage and rainbow hair but recently, a new stunning hair trend took over social media by storm! The geode trend is not unfamiliar; we’ve seen geode lips, nails, and even wedding cakes!

It is about time we see geode hair! This trend is a brand new method of dyeing hair using colors that mimic precious stones, and it’s absolutely stunning! It takes beautiful rainbow hair to the next level. Here are our favorite viral looks from this trend:



If you’re already rocking ombre or balayage, you can easily upgrade your ‘do by adding at least two colors to the ends of your locks to get a gradient and geode-esque effect! This is a beautiful take on geode hair, with each color melting into the next.



Using multiple colors require more maintenance and time, if you’re going for that minimalist yet trendy look, stick to a specific color and add dimension by using different shades!



Too scared to bleach all your hair? Try this look! It’s a more subtle way to rock the geode hair trend. Even though it’s a subtle take on this new trend, it’s beyond beautiful and shows your personality!  It also looks amazing with dark hair because the contrast between the hues makes the colors pop more! We absolutely love how her straight and sleek hair shows off the different hues.



This version of geode hair is for the bold and brave! This is suitable for those with bleached blonde or icy silver locks. Just make sure to stick to a color scheme and stick to a specific look. This look is unique because of the multiple different colors and hues, and we LOVE it!


Remember that like any dye job, your new ‘do requires love and treatment. Talk to your hair stylist for color tips and advice on maintaining your new look!

So, there you have it! Our top geode hair looks that you can rock! Are you into this new and majestic trend?


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